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Weird Candle Holder

“Weird” is a candle holder inspired by the beams of light and the way they diffuse and project on a surface. It consists of a wooden sphere and two inclined conical legs, made from beech on the lathe. A combination of basic geometric shapes which create a simple but intriguing form with lots of aesthetic references, mostly, in Japanese culture. It gives the impression that the sphere is the source of light which emits in every direction, like the sun.

A contemporary approach to an old object, free of traditional aesthetics and stereotypes yet, by using traditional material and common manufacturing methods. Its fresh and playful character makes it suitable for young people and modern spaces.

This candle holder demonstrates the endless possibilities of wood and the use of basic geometric shapes in the design of such common and simple objects.

Photo credits: Stelios Kalisperis


Prototype Credits: Paraskevas Tsampikakis

Weird Canlde Holder 1
Weird Canlde Holder 2
Weird Canlde Holder 3
Weird Canlde Holder 4
Weird Canlde Holder 5
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