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Wine Bar Stool

A bar stool inspired by the wine and designed to fit perfectly in bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels. The stool consists of an upholstered leather seat and a metallic frame made from steel tubes.  Three tube-rings with different diameters are combined with three vertical tubes which are bended in the outline shape of a bottle. The result is a three-dimensional wireframe shape of a wine bottle but, if you look the whole stool from a distance, it gives the impression of an upside-down glass of wine.

The aim was to design an extremely simple bar stool which is consistent with the concept of its use and its environment. There was a minimum use of material and a maximum use of empty space in order to achieve the desirable form of the stool.

The height of the stool is 77 cm and the seat has a diameter of 36 cm. The metallic frame is made of 18mm-steel tubes which are welded together to form a solid and rigid structure. At the bottom of the stool are place three plastic clips in order not to harm the floor and to give balance in cases which the floor is not perfectly straight.


Awards: Red Dot Winner 2017

Wine Bar Stool 1
Wine Bar Stool 2
Wine Bar Stool 3
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